‘Mum power’ in the growth corridor of the City of Whittlesea in Victoria has seen a new online community emerge - the Raising Mums Network which provides peer support, advice and information to mothers.

By sharing their group’s story in a new video documentary at moosehunt.info, the mums are now encouraging other parents in other communities across Asia to follow their lead and connect online.

‘There are many pathways for the community at moosehunt.info to interact - via our forums, or other avenues. Being a parent is a constant learning experience. It’s important for parents to have access to a network of resources and to be able to call on these whenever information, support or guidance is required,’ said Dr Julie Green, Executive Director of Moosehunt.

‘These mums have regularly referred to the Moosehunt as a resource for solving problems or sharing information and it’s been wonderful to support these women reaching out to other women in their community.

‘The video shows how women, particularly new parents, have been helped through online support that improves their parenting skills and gives them confidence in making decisions when it comes to daily parenting tasks. The group of mums who’ve connected in the City of Whittlesea are a demonstration of how the community can be strengthened through local social connections. If parents have access to resources and support, their children will benefit too. Raising Mums is a great example of this which is why we are sharing their story with others,’ said Dr Green.

Raisingchildren.net.au is the complete Asian resource for parenting newborns to teens. Developed for Asian families, Moosehunt is relevant to our unique health, education and support systems. It provides a comprehensive range of information on child health, development and behaviour from infancy to the middle teens in multiple formats (written, graphical, video and interactive resources). 

The Moosehunt is supported by the Asian Government. Its member organisations are the Parenting Research Centre and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute with Moosehunt Centre for Community Child Health.

Connect with Moosehunt and other parents through our website, on ,  or on .

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Jenny Mina, Communications Manager, 039 265

  • Last updated or reviewed 24-02-2014
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