Baby sleep and settling: about this webinar

You’re invited to join a free, live webinar on baby sleep and settling. If you have a baby aged 6-12 months and you’d like some advice about sleep and settling for your child, this webinar might be for you.

At around six months, your baby will develop lots of new abilities that can affect sleep. For example, at this age babies gain the ability to keep themselves awake. At the same time, they’re learning many exciting new skills like rolling and crawling. They might also start experiencing separation anxiety, which is when they get upset because mum or dad isn’t there.

The combination of being able to do exciting things and being able to stay awake means your baby might wake more often during the night and be more reluctant to go back to sleep.

This webinar:

  • looks at how baby development at 6-12 months can affect sleep
  • offers tips for developing new routines, using settling strategies and getting to know your child.

Presented by: Di Halloran

Di is a Registered Nurse with many years of experience working with families with young children. She also has a policy and development role at the Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which involves working with child health professionals. Di is passionate about supporting parents and making sure they have access to sound, evidence-based information.

When: Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 8 pm AEST

Duration: 40 mins, followed by a question and answer session

Registrations for this webinar have now closed.

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