In these videos, parents and teenagers share their experiences and discuss important issues such as bullying, independence, peer pressure, technology use, and money. Experts talk about problem-solving, tricky conversations, family meetings, building confidence and problems at school.
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Teen bullying: experiences
Parent Story | 3:45
Teenage independence
Parent Story | 4:09
Responsible technology and screen use: teenagers
Parent Story | 5:23
Changing family rules: how to do it
Demo | 0:53
Cyberbullying: talking with teens
Demo | 2:24
Descriptive praise in action
Demo | 1:15
Family meetings: how and why they work
Demo | 0:56
Family rules: how to work them out with teenagers
Parent Story | 4:51
Handling tricky conversations with teenagers
Demo | 3:27
Healthy lifestyle and fitness for teenagers
Parent Story | 2:48
Nutrition and eating well for teenagers
Parent Story | 2:46
Peer influence on teenage trends and fashions
Parent Story | 3:52
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